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Auto refresh web pages with multiple smart timers

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What is Page Auto Refresh

Page Auto Refresh is a tool that allows you to automatically refresh the page 🌀

The main features are:
👉 Set multiple refresh timers for different pages;
👉 No slowdowns of your device;
👉 Page Auto Refresh is compatible with any website.

To avoid unexpected behavior, timers will be deleted if you restart the browser.
Page Auto Refresh is easy to use, so you will immediately master it and start using it 🔥
Download now and enjoy!

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How to use Page Auto Refresh

  1. 1

    Install the Extension

    Download and install the extension. Find the links below.

  2. 2

    Open the extension's popup

    Click on the extension icon on the toolbar. It can be hidden under the extensions (puzzle) icon.

  3. 3

    Start a timer

    Set up timers using preset intervals or specify it manually.

  4. 4

    Set multiple timers

    Select a different tab in the popup and set another timer.

Features of Page Auto Refresh

Total app rating 4.1/5

Trusted by 600,000+ users worldwide

Supported platforms

Page Auto Refresh for Chrome

Page Auto Refresh is available in Chrome Web Store

Page Auto Refresh for Edge

Page Auto Refresh is available in Edge

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