Recent Page Auto Refresh reviews

  • 20.12.2023

    Useful and works. But for any new user, once they click on the save button, no information is displayed on whats happening right after saving. This is why most people are saying “Not Working”. Unless they go ahead to click the “Active button”, they will conclude its not working.

  • 14.12.2023

    I have to be away from screen for long stretches of time and open windows would get frozen requiring a system restart. This extension has removed that issue. Excellent.

  • 30.11.2023

    This works great. The only suggestion I can think of is to remember our settings. When I refresh pages I like to have the counter on the page, just so I can see it. I think it’d be cool if it’d remember that setting until I uncheck it. Overall I really like this app

  • 28.11.2023

    Работает лучше конкурентов. Движок настроен реально профессионально! Обходит многие ограничения сайтов (но не всех). В любом случае 5 звезд!

  • 23.11.2023

    I am delighted with the product. A brokerage URL kept terminating my connection every few minutes. I had to log in throughout the day. No more. I’m delighted

  • 21.11.2023

    Çok ilginç güzel sayfanın düşmemesi, bağlantı kopmaması için yenilemede iş görüyor başarılı. Kullanımı anlamak biraz düşündürdü ama karışık değil. Güzel.

  • 19.11.2023

    It’s great, but if it had a setting, it would be disabled as soon as the page was clicked, and if the page was not clicked for, for example, 10 seconds, it would be disabled.

  • 18.11.2023

    Works perfectly with lots of useful options. Used it to find a dorm room when they became available!

  • 6.11.2023

    Just awesome. This extension’s performance is beyond my wildest expectations. Just the thing that I had been waiting for since I became a transcriptionist. The option to disable refreshing while interacting with the window was just genius. If there were another star above 5 to make it six, that would be it.

  • 5.11.2023

    I found it very great extension for daily use when im busy its works good for me to go on to my tassk that im supposed to. stay great