Recent Page Auto Refresh reviews

  • 3.2.2023

    I didn’t know it does exist already. I was thinking of creating one like this. I loved it. I will send a few more options that can be enabled.

  • 2.2.2023

    At least I have found something that I wanted for a long time. Awesome extension. It would be great if there is any other payment method except Paypal since Paypal is not supported in my country

  • 29.1.2023

    Championne dans sa catégorie, cette extension fait ce qu’on lui demande et même plus. J’ai essayé quasiment toutes celles du même genre proposées par la store, il n’y a même pas match. Surveillance de page personnalisable, taux de refresh pouvant aller jusqu’à 0,25s, menus clair et complets.

  • 27.1.2023

    Sensacionaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!! -> Fiz um video tutorial no meu canal do Youtube @dleo_soares

  • 25.1.2023

    Extension works just as expected with more features then I expected! And it doesnt shove ads or a paid subscription down your throat which a major win!

  • 23.1.2023

    Love it! I use it for work to check when we have new leads coming in. Thank you for this awesome extension!

  • 20.1.2023

    Very useful for my purposes. Twitch doesn’t let me get notifications for when a specific game is being played and this helped me figure out how to stay on top of streams for a super niche game.

  • 20.1.2023

    Bruh….YESSS!!! jfc, I’ve been looking for an auto refresher like this… FFE!! I’ve tried them all. This one is it!! Someone finally got it right! (and then some!) I wish I was smart enough to have the words to explain how perfect this thing is. Just, fire!

  • 20.1.2023

    Mind control app developed by aliens. It turns you into an alien controlled puppet. However, I do feel refreshed

  • 19.1.2023

    I’m trying to buy something that dips in and out of stock and this extension helps me keep an eye on the page. I have it set to reload every so often and to give me a notification if it loses the “out of stock” text. THANK YOU so much for making this and for giving it away for free (versus competing products which seek $29/year! Ouch!)