Recent Page Auto Refresh reviews : Page 19

  • 11.10.2016

    The most flexible and customizable auto refresh extension out there! Very helpful support staff too!

  • 3.6.2016

    Amazing tool. Does the job perfectly. Just what I needed… customizable auto refresh :) Also, I had a small issue with my licence. Contacted the customer support and they resolved in few minutes. I’m absolutely happy with them :)

  • 18.5.2016

    Единственное расширение которое работает правильно , а именно , после перезагрузки оставляет страницу в той позиции , где была , то что надо !!!

  • 30.4.2016

    Ce soft est tout simplement INDISPENSABLE. Comme j’ai toujours une trentaine d’onglets ouvers en même temps, il permet de les mettre à jour régulièrement. Bravo !

  • 15.4.2016

    I use “Easy Auto Refresh” almost every day. In my opinion, “Easy Auto Refresh” is more reliable than other extensions i tested. Never regretted my purchase.

  • 1.4.2016

    I use this software extension for share market trading website, since the page is static and does not loads itself , this software has helped me in great way.

  • 6.3.2016

    I use this app to alert me when a specific page has a specific string of text. It works just as I need it to. The other features I do not use.

  • 28.1.2016

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  • 30.12.2015

    it pretty nice there is not alot of thing to use it for but when there is a some thing to use it for it come in very handy =)

  • 22.12.2015

    This is a great program. -Program sites refresh time on site by site basis -Ability to modify refresh time BUT: -You have to pay for additional features -It appears the browser needs to be active.