Recent Page Auto Refresh reviews : Page 21

  • 6.10.2014

    This app does exactly what it says so I’m giving 5 stars. Developer, can you please add the ability to have pages refreshed on a schedule?

  • 10.9.2014

    У меня нормально все работает. Хотя по факту надо погонять. Вводим секунды, нажимаем “старт” и все пошло обновляться. ну и кнопочка “стоп” имеется. В общем лучше, чем “соседний рефрешер”

  • 15.8.2014

    Veldig enkel og grei. Den gjør det den skal og ikke noe mer, uten masse irriterende reklame og tull.

  • 26.5.2014

    Leggero veloce customizzabile in secondi non ha un contatore visibile che visualizza quanti secondi mancano al reload cosa che hanno altri come “chrome reload” e che ho disinstallato cosi’ non cunsuma inutilmente risorse. E’ attivabile e customizzabile per ogni singola scheda. Si puo’ registrare la versione a pagamento per sbloccare le funzionalita’ avanzate come appore il refresh automatico ogni volta che si visitano le url configurate. Se si butta un occhio alle autorizzazioni richieste dal plugin {leggere o modificare tutti i dati dei siti web modificati} non so se sia davvero attinente con il tipo di plug in Easy and light. You can customize each single sheet by seconds. There isn’t any useless visible reverse counter for the seconds remain for a new refresh as “chrome reload”. Very useful. If you pay a registation you can activate the advanced options as register your favourite urls for enable a specified automatic refresh I would like to let you know if you put an eye to authorizations like {read and change all web page you vistit} I don’t know if that is strictly necessary to that kind of plugin

  • 11.2.2014

    Easy to install and operate. I see someone said it wasn’t remembering the scroll position. It is for me. You can see when it refreshes the scrollbar just momentarily goes up but then right back to where you were. Maybe there’s a compatibilty issue with other add-ons but it’s working for me just fine. I have adblocker, context menu, and new tab redirect and it seems to be working with them.

  • 15.1.2014

    So far the only one that really refreshes my tabs. The other apps will stop or request to go full/pro Thanks

  • 12.10.2013

    Its nice app, but is there any hotkey like ctrl + r or smt that i can use to switch on and off this app?

  • 8.10.2013

    This is amazing just needs one feature to allow us to pick the time i.e. 1 minute 5 seconds etc…THANKS!

  • 4.9.2013

    Finally, an app that actually refreshes ANY page! I’ve been trying to find one that will work for local files and am happy to report this does the job!

  • 1.9.2013

    Excelente! Atualiza a página e a retorna pra rolagem original. A única, das que testei, que faz isso.