Recent Page Auto Refresh reviews : Page 24

  • 24.8.2022

    Excellent extension for Chrome. I’ve tried many auto-refresh extensions over the years and most of the others available freeze up & stop working after a few minutes. Smart Auto Refresh never does and keeps going until it is manually stopped. Very easy UI. Customisable refresh rate, but the presets should work well enough for most users. Highly recommended.

  • 23.8.2022

    excellent little extension. The best extension is one you don’t even know is working but is doing its job.

  • 23.8.2022

    Súper buena, me ayuda a actualizar la página y a diferencia de otras aplicaciones, me alerta cuando hay u na cambio. La recomiendo.

  • 19.8.2022

    It was very helpful but from few days it doesn’t show fiverr app online after refreshing, fix this as soon as soon possible

  • 18.8.2022

    Hola, Vengo a Agradecerles, Su aplicación Ayuda muy bien a resolver la necesidad de refrescar o actualizar el contenido de la pantalla. Absolutamente Recomendado.

  • 15.8.2022

    I use this for monitoring Freecycle for items I am specifically after. Not sure if there’s a word limit, but I have 24 search terms it checks for. Love how it remembers which Tab used what settings (though occasionally they get blanked for some reason) The musical alert is subtle but un-ignorable when the volume is set right, and the variable re-check times are really helpful . Great for keeping an eye on specific changes too, (like ticket availability, for example).

  • 11.8.2022

    This extension is awesome! Also, It would be nice if I can set the time range for the auto-refresh. For example, refresh the page during work hour between 9AM - 5PM.

  • 7.8.2022

    Beste Erweiterung dieser Art. Und auch die erste die ich gehabt habe, die nicht nach einen halbem Jahr zum Virus wurde. Funktioniert, ist anschaulich, ist kostenlos, hat viele funktionen.

  • 5.8.2022

    Best extension. Like a lot of options provided. And very straight forward! I love using it. Just super amazing, Highly recommend.

  • 1.8.2022

    Great, this app has served me nicely. Overtime, this app is the most relaible with the best user-friendly interface. Great app.