Recent Page Auto Refresh reviews : Page 34

  • 6.3.2016

    I use this app to alert me when a specific page has a specific string of text. It works just as I need it to. The other features I do not use.

  • 28.1.2016

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  • 30.12.2015

    it pretty nice there is not alot of thing to use it for but when there is a some thing to use it for it come in very handy =)

  • 22.12.2015

    This is a great program. -Program sites refresh time on site by site basis -Ability to modify refresh time BUT: -You have to pay for additional features -It appears the browser needs to be active.

  • 27.11.2015

    Le cose semplici sono le migliori. Semplicemente fenomenale. Questo plugin a differenza di tutti gli altri plugin simili ti conferma in automatico anche IL REINVIO MODULI! :-D :-D Questo è l’unico plugin tra tutti quelli di refresh che fa al caso mio. :-D

  • 28.6.2015

    Amazing performance because other extensions would have to confirm other non related stuff but this one just easy

  • 5.6.2015

    Useful. Does what it says perfectly. Feature request: reload x seconds after the page fully loaded.

  • 11.5.2015

    worked great.. VERY useful for web design.. i did not saw any ads but maybe it because i have adblock enabled :) other than that it’s a great extension which i suggested it to my fellow class mates :)

  • 26.4.2015

    Обновляет без смещения страницы! То есть возвращает прокрутку в то место в котором она была до обновления страницы! Супер! Спасибо разработчику!

  • 22.3.2015

    I love it! It’s kinda 4½ stars because it can’t stop reloading. But all in all its pretty good 4½ stars