Recent Page Auto Refresh reviews : Page 37

  • 31.1.2013

    used it one who looked like this long back (pretty sure this is the one i used that time ) and good bless it (making webpage in notepad) beatiful with it ^_^ so i love it

  • 30.1.2013

    Excellent! Easy and works very well. Unlike some other it scrolls to the same position after the refresh.

  • 25.1.2013

    Awesome App, I use it to simulate load with many tabs open :) Could the min refresh be bring down to 1s or .5s?

  • 30.12.2012

    Great extension….works perfectly….settings are saved even after closing Chrome, a feature not all alternatives include. Nice work!

  • 21.10.2012

    Great. This extension refreshes a tab with the refresh interval you set. Even if you change page. This is just what i needed.

  • 18.10.2012

    great for saving settings for sites wish you save it to bookmark for bookmark sync across computers!

  • 15.10.2012

    3 got three result from google when i search “chrome auto refresh”. After tried all of them, i think this one is what i want!!

  • 6.4.2012

    It’s a great ext and very easy to use. Love it! I hope it keeps on working with all those constant updates of Chrome.

  • 9.3.2012

    I love this! Wonderful idea! Keep the good ideas coming. You people at Google are really awesome! It would be nice if you could also have an additional feature of showing how many seconds left before the next refresh when you hover the mouse pointer over the “auto refresh” button. :)

  • 19.1.2012

    I successfully used this to get Radiohead tickets from a pre-sale that sold out in 30 seconds. This extension has changed my life!