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  • 3.8.2023

    Отличное расширение, выбирал из трех десятков подобных и только это подошло по всем параметрам. Спасибо!

  • 26.7.2023

    Por ahora funciona excelente!! Sólo utilicé la función de recargar cada x cantidad de tiempo (la qe viene por defecto)

  • 24.7.2023

    I have recently stumbled upon a brilliant browser extension that has significantly enhanced my web browsing experience - Auto Refresh Plus. This little gem has been an absolute game-changer, allowing me to effortlessly stay up-to-date with dynamic content and save precious time. It’s safe to say that this is now an indispensable tool for anyone who spends considerable time online. The first thing that struck me about Auto Refresh Plus is its sheer simplicity and user-friendliness. Installation was a breeze, and the intuitive interface makes it easy to customize settings to suit individual needs. With just a few clicks, I was able to set the desired refresh interval, and the extension immediately started doing its magic. One of the primary reasons I love Auto Refresh Plus is its versatility. Whether I’m monitoring stock prices, waiting for breaking news updates, or just impatiently refreshing a shopping page for deals, this extension handles it all flawlessly. The option to set multiple tabs to auto-refresh simultaneously has been a massive time-saver, eliminating the need to constantly switch between pages. I was also pleasantly surprised by the extension’s efficiency in terms of resource usage. Unlike some other auto-refresh tools that can hog system resources and slow down my computer, Auto Refresh Plus operates discreetly in the background without causing any noticeable performance issues. This is a huge advantage, especially for users like me who prefer a seamless browsing experience. Furthermore, I must commend the developers for providing excellent customer support. When I had a minor query about a specific feature, they promptly responded with a helpful and informative response, showcasing their commitment to user satisfaction. Auto Refresh Plus has undoubtedly increased my productivity and made browsing more enjoyable. It saves me from constantly hitting the refresh button manually, allowing me to focus on other tasks while keeping important pages up-to-date in real-time. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Auto Refresh Plus to anyone seeking a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly auto-refresh extension for their web browser. It’s a top-notch tool that streamlines your online activities, and I can’t imagine browsing without it anymore. Give it a try, and I’m sure you’ll be just as impressed as I am!

  • 22.7.2023

    before using this extension i have installed another like this but they have not what i want… but this extension is what i want… amazing… thank you very much for your help :)

  • 22.7.2023

    Ein perfektes Tool, was man auch noch selbst mittels HTML Code erweitern kann 😊 So kann man ganze Abläufe einrichten, was automatisch geklickt werden soll usw. Aber hilfreich für die meisten wäre auch eine Funktion, wo man aufzeichnen kann, was das Toll dann genau machen soll, wenn die eine oder andere Bedingung eintrifft, oder sich verändert, oder wenn noch was hinzukommt, dann ändert usw. Ich denke dabei an einen Account, der eingetragen ist und wenn dann noch einer hinzukommt, der dann automatisch gelöscht wird. Also da eine Regelbedingung, wenn nicht, oder wenn mehr, dann ändern und erneuern laut eingestellten Plan. Aber ansonsten ist das echt ein klasse Tool!!! 😊👍

  • 21.7.2023

    Very useful and refined. Makes my day easier, just one more thing on automation now. That translates to longer naps. Seems to be smoothly integrated with chrome, so far I don’t see any obvious bugs. I did read the comment about losing forms, I have the pages set to “Stop auto refresh on click and keyboard interaction. This is stopping the auto refresh when I take over the window, so I’m not currently seeing that issue. But I will keep an eye out for it. Great Plugin.

  • 21.7.2023

    Great extension to keep tabs refreshing and works perfectly on places where there is an auto logoff timer.

  • 20.7.2023

    Does exactly what I need it to, just be careful if you leave a page on auto-refresh and then for some reason go to navigate elsewhere with that tab, as the countdown will not automatically stop just because you navigated to another URL. I’ve lost a couple of nearly-filled out forms that way.

  • 19.7.2023

    Best that I have found yet. The page monitor refresh is very helpful and what is missing from most others. The ability to set an auto-click prevents pop-ups and action needed for pages where that is the behavior.

  • 19.7.2023

    Класне розширення, рекомендую. Раніше користувався іншими, але їх почав антивірус блокати. Це робить прекрасно!